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Our Guarantee

Gym-Trix, Inc designs and manufactures its products to be of the finest quality. We guarantee our equipment against defects in manufacturing and workmanship for one full year from the date of purchase. Further, ….. if your Gym-Trix, Inc equipment does not meet or exceed your expectations, just call us during the first 30 days. We will repair, replace or refund…. And make all the arrangements!

  • National Team Training Center

    “Keeping athletes safe and healthy as they do the incredible numbers necessary to acquire new skills and routines is something all coaches must be concerned with. The Spring Beam’s ability to perform these functions is why I believe it is the beam of the future! Fantastic!!!” 

    Bela Karolyi
    National Team Training Center,
    Huntsville, TX 

  • Premier Gymnastics

    “The day we received the Gym-Trix Spring Beam, the gymnasts literally could not wait to get on it. Not only did it make punching for saltos much easier, the surface was soft and now my gymnasts fight to get on it. I would highly recommend this great training tool to everyone.”

    Tom Koll
    Co-Owner, Premier Gymnastics
    National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman

  • World Olympic Gymnastics Academy

    “It happens to be that I was a witness to the latest improvements and perfection of the Spring Beam. Dedication and vision of Wally and Bart become reality and we love it in WOGA!!! This is truly a revolutionary beam, because thousands of landings and poundings will be safer for gymnasts’ bodies. The modern level of our sport is creating tremendous stress on the athlete’s bodies with the demand for multiple repetitions of the skills. The Spring Beam has been used along the road to success for WOGA gymnasts. It is great for learning new skills on the Low Spring Beam to perfecting them and rising up amplitude. It is truly the beam of the future!!”

    Evgeny Marchenko
    Co-Owner / Head Coach
    World Olympic Gymnastics Academy
    Plano, TX

  • Kurt Thomas

    “After using your new Spring Beam for a while now, I’d like you to know how much we all love it! The senior girls loved it immediately once they started using it. They ALL agree it feels so much nicer because it cushions the landings! Now they are willing to do MANY more repetitions during a session. I have already noticed how much more quickly their skills move from the learning stages into the “performing” stage!! At first I thought this rapid transition was simply from the increased reps. Then one of the girls remarked how much easier it was to do tricks when nothing on her was hurting; and NOT dreading the pain of landings left her feeling really aggressive and willing to “go for it”!

    I believe this Spring Beam is the beam of the future so strongly that I’m putting them in my old gym AND I will outfit my new facility entirely with the Spring Beam!” 

    Kurt Thomas

  • North Shore Academy of Gymnastics

    “We have 2 high beams with gas assisted competition legs and 4 low beams on training legs. Our athletes did not need me to “introduce” them to the Spring Beam, they loved it immediately and fight to get on it. They like the give on landings and now favor The Spring Beam over other beams now. 
    We have lots of athletes doing somersaulting on the beam, and they can do more reps than on conventional beams. 

    Thanks so much!”

    George & Debbie Grainger
    North Shore Academy of Gymnastics-Wisconsin
    [email protected]